What Is V-Model In Software Engineering

Hello LiveIPL User we are going to discuss What Is V-Model In Software Engineering and advantages and disadvantages.

V model is the SDLC model where process are executed in a sequential manner in v Shape

It is also known as verification & validation model.

System Design, Architecture Design, Acceptance Testing, System Testing Integration Testing, Unit Testing And coding

Verification : Evaluation of product at the development Phase to find the specific nequirments meet.

Validation : Evaluation of product after the completion of the development phase to check whether it meet or not .

It has two phase left side is verification phase and right side is validation Phase, and they are Joined by coding phase.

What Is V-Model In Software Engineering
V-Model In Software Engineering

Verification Phase

Requirment Analysis : In this phase all the information are gathered from the customer then analyzed

System Design : The system architecture is design on this from the gathered information

Architecture Design : Design all the different modules for different functionality

Module Design : In this phase the system bread modules. into small module.

Coding : Programming language is being implemented to the modules.

Validation Phase

Unit Testing : All the modules are test éndividually to checy the e

Integration Teste : Integrated all the modules after whit test then it Bertoon entegnation testing

System Testing – It is the complete test of all module as description be in the system design

Acceptance Test:- It is based on requirement analyzed it is done by the customer enrollment Sis,


Simple easy to use.

All the phases are. completed one ata time w

Quick customer certification

Project manager can track the progress


High risk

Not good for big project

Does not support Iteration of phases

Does not easily handle con current Events.


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