What is the Spiral model

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What is the Spiral model

Spiral model is one of the important software Devlopment life cycle model which provides support for Risk Handling,

The diagrammatic representation, look like a spinal with many roops.

Every loop called a phase of the spiral is in the Software development process.

Here the project manager dynamically determines the number phases so the project manager has an important role

The radius of the spiral at any point represents the expenses of the project so far, and the angular dimensions represent the progress of the current phase.

It is divided into 4 quadrants

What is the Spiral model

1. Objectives determination and identity identify an alternative solutions

Requirements are gathered from the customers and the objectives are identified, elaborated, and analyzed at the start of every phase

Then alternative solutions are taken for the phase are proposed in this quadrant.

2. Identity and resolve risk –

All possible solutions are evaluated to select a best possible solution. So risk is identified and resolve using the possible strategy

At the end of this quadrant, prototype is made for the best possible solution.

3. Develop Next version of this product

Hene the identified features are developed and verified through testing, – At the end of this Quadrant, the next version of the software is available

4. Review and plan for the next phase

Hene the customer evaluate the so far the version of the software


1.(Risk Handling => It can handle the unknown risk after the project has started.

2.Provide prototype solution

It coping up with risk by providing the scope to build a prototype.


It handle all the risk at the time of development

It is used in the large prosect.

You can change nequenment at any time is customer can see and test the partial development software


It is more complex than other SDLC model.

It is not suitable for small projects as it expensive.

Highly experienced experts are required to develop.

Difficult to management as the no of phases is unknown


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