What Is Prototype Model

Do you know What Is Prototype Model in case of software engineering. Then you are the right place to know about the prototypw model

We are going to introduce a most important model of SDLC model . From all the SDLC model, Prototype Model is one of the best model .

This model is based on SDLC . This model is used when customer client do not known the exact project requirements beforehand.

In this model, a prototype of the end product is first developed. tested and refined as per customer feedback.

What Is Prototype Model

The Phases Of Prototype Model :

  1. Listen to the costumer: The Customer and Developer together defined the overall objective objective of software
  2. Identify the Known requirement.
  3. Analysis the requirement and factors which are mandatory the development Point of view.

2 : Build Up Prototype

  1. After the identification of the problem quick design is done
  2. Now the output of the software can see the to customers through this phase.
  3. This quick design leads to the development of prototype the temporary working mode

3. Customer Test-Drive The Prototype :

In this phase Customer run and check the prototype for its perfection

This prototype is evaluated by the customer further improvement are made to the prototype unless the customer is satisying.

All the stages are repeated until the customer gets satisfied. When final prototype is fully acceptable by the customer then final development is done.


  1. Customer see the partial product early, in the life cycle.
  2. New equipment can be easily accommodated.
  3. Eros can be detected much earlier saving a lot of effort and cost.
  4. Flexibility in design.


  1. It is costly
  2. Poor Documentations.
  3. Difficult for the developers to accommodate all the changes demanded by the customer.


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