What Is HTML ? How To Learn HTML

What Is HTML ? How To Learn HTML

What Is HTML ? How To Learn HTML

Hello friends Welcome back to liveiplmatch.com.

Everyday we post about sports news and cricket score update but since we belongs to technical background i am trying to update my user to technical knowledge .

So i decided to post some of the basic of widly used language like HTML, CSS, JS etc

In this tutorial we are going to learn about HTML.

What we learn in this post :

  1. What is HTML.
  2. History of the HTML>
  3. Versions of HTML.
  4. Stracture of HTML.
  5. SomeHTML tags.
  6. Create a standard Web page

1. What is HTML.

HRTML Stands for HyperText Markup Langauage .

HTML is used for creating e=webpages, likely huma beings has some stracure of the body like head, face, chest etc simlaalyruy HTML has stracure .

Mainly HTNL is used to creating web pages.

Different tags are used to creating web pages, all web pages are viewed by the help of any browser(Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc).


HTML was invented by the Berner Lee in the year 1991,

3 . Versions of HTMl

19991 – First HTML invented

1993 – HTML+

1995 – HTML2.0

1997 – HTML3.2

1999 – HTML0.1

2000 – XHTML1.0

2008 – HTML5.0(Introduce)

2014 – HTML5 (Recommended by w3c)

2016 – HTML5.1

2017 – HTML5.2


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>This is the title of the web page</title>



<p>This is the paragraph</p>

<h1>This is heading </h1>

<p>This is another paragraph</p>



Elemnts used above

<!DOCTYPE html> – Used to define the whole page is html5

<html> – This is the starting of any html page

<head> – this is the heading of html page , here all the meta tags are written

<body> – This is the which contain all the contents of the page

</body> – end of the body tag

</html> – end of html page


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