What Is API and How It Show Live Score

Welcome back to LiveIPlMatch.Com , We are going to discuss What Is API and How It Show Live Score.

Before going to the main topic we fully know what is API and how it works.

Normally we can define API as a very completed and also a very simple thing. There some user’s thoughts now about what the admin sharing, how can a single thing complicated as well as simple.

It has a simple answer but you can search What is API on google than read carefully you must see some of the definition you understand and others you can’t understand,

That’s why we are saying that it has critical definition of API.

Why we called it a very simple thing because itis nothing but it works as a mediator in between two-party, did you understand?

Let’s make it very simple. Let takes an example if you want to show coronavirus data on your website then what you have to do? The simple thing we need very huge data and to save all the data need a database.

How to get all the data? There some organization in all over the world they collect all the data about the corona and save to their database, if we want that data then how can then share that data.

There are two possibilities either you can download all the data from their database and used it on your website but there are some lack of data why

Because everyday Corina cases increase it means every day we have to download fresh data and upload it into our database which is a bad idea Then how can do that.

Yes, we can do it y using their API. We take a second example so that you much clear about API.

Let’s between you and me if I have a cricket database where all the player’s data stored and you want to show those records on your site then how to achieve this?

For doing this without download a single data we use API concept .

In case of mobile app we also use API,

Normally for a website, there are two things one is source code and another is Database, in 99% of cases database and source code are stored in the same server so there is no problem to connect that database and show that data to users

But in the case of mobile app development, there is some problem like the database is on your server but the app is installed client mobile so how it receives data from the server we need the help of API.

Now you almost clear about What Is API and How It Show Live Score

Now we are going to describe How API is Used In IPL Match Score Board,

Normally IPL scoreboard not available to everyone there is some specific site which is famous to show live score like CricBuzz.

whenever you want to show the live score on your site you need API from CricBuzz like the site.

in this way API is used to show live score board in Website.

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