What is an Antenna In Telecommunication

It is time to know about telecommunication i.e What is an Antenna In Telecommunication and how it works .

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What is an antenna ?

It is a device that is used to transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves which are used in the form of different types of Signal communication.

There are 5 types

1. Hertz /Half wave antenna.

2. Marconi antenna.

3. Round plane antenna.

4. Long Wire antenna.

5. Yogi Beam antenna.

What is an Antenna In Telecommunication
    Hertz antenna for the simplex type of antenna is widely used nowadays. Its name was given by Heart. Here the length of the antenna is half of the wavelength(lamda/2) of the signal.
  2. Such type of antenna can be a mountain in either horizontally or vertically pre any direction the surface of the earth, whiches Yarofr.com the ground:
  3. The RF energy is Fed to the antenna cit the middle surface, Where the impedance of. the antenna is minimum. Because of its half Wavelength sometimes is called a halfwave antenna.


Since the Hertz antenna is use only for low and medium frequnces for long wavelength.It is practically impossiable to design such type of anteena for commuication system.

So Marconi antenna may be used in place of Hertz antenna.

The fed point og the antenna is about is about 32 ohm . It is a quarter wavwlwngth lamda/4 of long antenna,One end of the antenna is grounded and other point is exposed toward’s the signal.

The ground connection provides a current and voltage distribution on setup in the antenna.


This type of antenna widely used in mobile van and telecommunication department .

It is impossible to design such a type of antenna for a communication system. So Marconi antenna may be used in place of the Hertz antenna.


The ground plane antenna is a verctical antenna of quarter wavelength and use vertically fitted downwards.

The fed point of impedance of ground plane antenna is about 30 ohm.

This type of antenna maybe use mobile purpose and also wireless communication.


To increase the gain and directivity of the antenna. The antenna length should be more than the wavelength more than no, half wavelength better is the gain and directivity.

Such type of antenna are called long wire antenna or hormones antenna. It is two type

a) Reasonant

b) Non Resonant.

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