Transfer Data cPanel To cPanel

Welcome to LIVEIPLMATCH. Nowadays everyone has a website but there are many who wants to know How to transfer data cPanel To cPanel?

In this tutorial, we are going to know how to migrate our website from one hosting to another without any data loss.

We know 1st of all everyone starting their blog with the help of Blogger or any small hosting company and after some days you realize that you mistake and want to upgrade your site.

In that case, you have to good knowledge in migration wit fee of cost. So don’t take risks for data loss.

By this process we don’t afraid about your data loss and no data will be lost or any traffic just takes some time to migrate.

Before you start your new hosting I am suggesting hosting the most reliable and affordable price HOSTINGER.

Just go to the hosting company and click on Most Popular plan for best hosting you will get 100 websites with 20 GB SSD also get free SSL.

After creating an account in HOSTINGER just go to your domain account

For example, if your domain is in Godaddy, just go to the DNS section and you have to change the DNS so that your website can reflect the new hosting.

Step 1 – Go to cPanel of 1st hosting and navigate your domain file manager.

Step 2 – Select all the files and right click and choose zip.

Step 3 – after file compress to zip then download the files to your computer.

Step 4 – Go to PHPMyAdmin then select the database name and choose export, a SQL file will be downloaded.

step 5 – Now go to 2nd hosting account choose file manager.

Step 6 – Upload the zip files to the new server and extract the file.

Step 7 – Create a database and wrote down the password then open the config.php file.

Step 8 – Set the database and password.

Step 9 – Now go to the newly created database upload the SQL files to the database

All Done …….. Now you can enjoy your new site in a new hosting.


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