TCP Model In Computer Networking

TCP Model In Computer Networking

TCP Model In Computer Networking

Do you know Networking how much important for a computer science student ? So let’s talk about TCP Model In Computer Networking.

TCP Model In Computer Networking

TCP/IP model stands for Transmission Control protocol /Internet protocol

It was designed and devloped by the Department of Defense in 1960 –

It is a network Model used in current internet architecture.

TCP/IP specifies the data is exchanged over the internet by providing end-to-end communication.


It uses a client/server model of communications in which the version of the machine (recent) is provided a service Bending webpage) by computer (server) in the network.

It contains four Layer Application layer.

Transport Layer.

Internet Lafer.

Datalink Layer.

Network Layer.

TCP Model In Computer Networking
  1. Application Layer

Application Layer provides applications with standardized exchange

All the three carea of model application Layer, presentation layer and session layer the represent application Layers in

It includes the protocol

(a) – HTTP – Hypertext Transfer protocol

(b) HTTPS –

(c)FTP- File Transfer Protocol

(d) POP3

(e) SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

(f) SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol

(g) SSH – secure shell

(h) NTP- Network Protocol.

2. Transport layer: – It responsible for maintaining end-to-end communication across the network

The data transfer should be on the Passed path on a single path.

It breaks the message into small units So that they are handling more efficiently.

It includes the protocols like

TCP- Transmission control protocol control communication between hosts & provides blow control, multiplexing et.

UDP – user Datagram Protocol

3 Internet Layer

It deals with Packets and transports the packets across the network

It holds the whole architecture together


IP – Internet protocol (It deliveries the packets From the host source) to the destination by looking the IP-address.

IPv64 & IPv6 are the two different version of network protocol IP

4 Network Access Layer:

It is the combination of both datalink physical layer of OSI Model.

It looks out for hardware addressing

The protocols present in this Layer are allowing for the physical transmission of data

LAN – Local Area Network (for ethernet)

ARP – Address Resolution Protocol.


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