Physics Questions Set Exam

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  1. A block falls from a table 0.6 m high. It lands on an ideal, mass-less, vertical spring with
    a force constant of 2.4 kN/m. The spring is 25 cm but it is compressed high, to a
    minimum height of 10 cm before the block is stopped. Find the mass of the block
    (g = 9.81 m/s2).
    (A) 55.51 kg
    (B) 5.51 kg
    (C) 0.51 kg
    (D) None
  1. An engine pumps water continuously through a hose. If the speed with which the water
    passes through the hose nozzle is v, and if k is the mass per unit length of the water jet as
    it leaves the nozzle, what is the rate at which kinetic energy is being imparted to the water ?
    (D) None
  2. each designed identical bulbs, to draw power P from a certain voltage supply are
    joined in series across that supply. The total power which they will draw, is
    (A) nP
    (B) P
    (C) P/n
    (D) Pn–2
  3. One mole of an ideal gas is at temperature T oK. The γ value of this gas is 5/3. Now the 12R Joules of work
    gas does adiabatically (R is the universal gas constant). Then the
    final temperature of the gas will be
    (A) (T – 8) oK
    (B) (T + 4) oK
    (C) (T – 4.4) oK
    (D) (T – 6) oK
  1. A supported on a rough light ladder is floor and leans against a smooth wall, touching the
    wall at height ‘h’ above the floor. A man climbs up the ladder until the base of the ladder
    is on the verge of slipping. The coefficient of static friction between the foot of the ladder
    and the floor is μ. The horizontal distance moved by the man is
    (A) μ2h
    (B) μ/h
    (C) μh
    (D) μ2h2
  1. A disk of 10 cm radius has a moment of inertia of 0.02 kg.m2. A force of 15 N is applied
    tangentially to the periphery of the disk to give it an angular acceleration, α of magnitude
    (A) 25 μ/h rad/s2
    (B) 35 μ/h rad/s2
    (C) 45 μ/h rad/s2
    (D) 75 rad/s2
  2. A uniform hollow cylinder has a density ρ, a length ‘L’, an inner radius ‘a’, and an outer
    radius ‘b’. Its moment of inertia about the axis of the cylinder is (Mass of the cylinder is
    (A) M(b2 + a2)
    (B) 2M(b2 + a2)
    (b2 + a2)
    4 (b2 + a2)
  3. The two wires A and B of the same material have their lengths in the ratio 1 : 2 and their
    diameters in the ratio 2 : 1. If they are stretched with the same force, the ratio of the the length of A to
    increase in that of B will be
    (A) 1 : 2
    (B) 4 : 1
    (C) 1 : 8
    (D) 1 : 4
  1. The velocity of a particular mass ‘m’ is →v = 5^i + 4^j + 6^k when at →r = –2^i + 4^j + 6^k. The
    angular momentum of the particle about the origin is
    (A) m(42 ) ^i – 28^k
    (B) m(42 ) ^j – 28^k
    (C) m(42 ) ^i + 28^k
    (D) m(42 ) ^j + 28^k
  2. The increase in pressure required to decrease the volume of 200 L of water by 0.004% is
    (Bulk modulus of water is 2.1 × 109 N/m2)
    (A) 8.4 × 104 N/m2
    (B) 8.4 × 103 N/m2
    (C) 8.4 × 105 N/m2
    (D) 8.4 × 106 N/m2
  3. Water is flowing through a tube of radius ‘r’ with a speed ‘v’. If this tube is joined to radius ‘r/2’, the speed of water
    another tube of in the second tube is
    (A) 4v
    (B) v/4
    (C) v/2
    (D) 2 v
  4. The volume of an air bubble is doubled as it rises from the bottom of a lake to its surface.
    The atmospheric 75 cm of mercury and the ratio pressure is of the density of mercury to
    that of lake water is 40/3. The depth of the lake is
    (A) 15 m
    (B) 10 m
    (C) 20 m
    (D) 25 m
  5. A hole of area 1 mm2 opens in the pipe near the lower end of a large water storage tank,
    and a stream of water the tank is 20 m above the shoots from it. If the top of the water in
    point of the leak, the amount of water escapes in 1 s is
    (A) 87.5 cm3/s
    (B) 43.1 cm3/s
    (C) 27.5 cm3/s
    (D) 19.8 cm3/s


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