OSI Model In Networking

This post refers to the brief idea about OSI Model In Networking. OSI Stands for Open System Interconnection.

It has been developed by ISO (International organization of standardization in the year 1944: It is a 7 layer architecture with each layer having a specific function to perform

The layer are given below

Application Layer

Presentation Layer

Session Layer

Transport Layer

Network Layer

Datalink Layer

Physical Layer

Letsb Chekc one by one layer

OSI Model In Networking

1. physical Layer

It is the lowest layer of OSI model

It is nesponsible for actual physical connection between the device.

The physical layer contains information in the form of bits. when receiving data, this layer will get the signal received and converted to the O’s and send them to the Data Link Layer.

Which will put the frame back together Functions:

Bit synchronization: It provides the synchro meations of bits by providing a clock. Bit rate control: controls transmission rate i.e. the number of bits. per second.

Physical Topologies: It speciby the difterent Layer ane managed in a network .

Transmission mode: These ane simplex, hals dep Lex , full duplex etc. Devices: Hub, Repeater modem de cable.o 2.

Datalink Layer: the sixth Layer of OSI Model – 97 provides a connection between hosts on the same networks.

convents packets into frames and downwind to the physical Layer logo The layer is responsible for framing, physical addressing flow control, control, and access control.

It uses point to point paotaco), Device: switch, and Bridge. z Letwork Layel – 9t is the 5th Layer of the OSI model that provides a connection between hosts on different netwonk.

Convert the segment into packets and forward it to the datalink LayerThis Layer is responsible for logical address routing ate.

Protocol 1 and. Ifv6, 1TPV4, ICMPCInteronet Lon message protec01) Device: ROuters 4.

Transport Layer -9t is the 4th Layer of the OSI model. 29 divided data into segments and brown it to the Network Layer.

This layer is responsible for segmentation connection control’, I low control ander control.

Protocol used in this layer is TCP and UDP.

Datagram at the transport layer is called segment – 94 is the heart of OSI .

5. Session Layer-Hs the Ahind layer of OSI model 1t1s responsible for dialog control and synchronization.

This layer zero authentication and authorization. – This Layer is responsible for the establishment of connection, maintenance of sessions presentation Layeryas

It is the and of Ost model. This layer 18 responsible for translation encryption and compression.

protocols North enders the Layer ssL,

7. Application Layer

It is the st layer of oft model

This is the only layer where usercon directly interact with the data

This layer provides a user interface support also called desktop life eg. Browser, sharpen provide- TTP, PS, FTP.


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