Move Blogger Site To WordPress

Nowadays everyone has a blog in blogger, but after somedays many people Move Blogger Site To WordPress but some of them know how to do it.

Here you are the right place to know how to upgrade blogger to WordPress

Before makes changes let’s talk about some of the Important things to do you have to change your nameserver which can take up to 24 hours to reflect your new WordPress site.

To avoid your site for downtime just do it at night time means in between 2 – 4 am.

First of all make changes to your blogger setting

Step 1 – Got o Blogger

Step 2 – Go to Blogger setting and Manage Blog

Step 3 – Click On Backup Content

Step 4 – The content backup includes posts, pages and comments.

Step 5 – It will show a DOWNLOAD option Click on Download to Download all the back-Up Content.

Step 6 – Now Go to your WordPress Site admin Panel

Step 7 – On dashboard section choose TOOLS >Import

Step 8 – Install the blogger importer to import blogger backup content

Step 9 – After installed click on Run Importer

Step 10 – Now select the Downloaded files for backup content

All done, it includes posts, pages, and comments. and if you want to download the images then you can simply select import images by a single tick mark for downloading images.

Now you can see all the post in your WordPress dashboard


Now its time to change the domain setting

Step 1 – Go To your domain account (Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap, etc)

Step 2 – In the domain list click on manage.

Step 3 – Now select the Change DNS setting.

Step 4 – You see the default nameserver for blogger just change it to as your hosting company provided nameserver.

step – 5: Note -it takes maybe 24 hours to fully reflect your site to new nameserver wait for this and enjoy your new site.

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