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Latest Updates From BCCI For IPL 2020

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Latest Updates From BCCI For IPL 2020


Hello Everyone Welcome back to LiveIPLMatch.Com. Latest Updates From BCCI For IPL 2020 that due to COVID-19 Pandemic, there is no cricket match done in the last 5 months.

But if you know a few days ago, three teams were played a cricket match in South Africa, where all the big players were seen playing.

The special thing in this was the live streaming was done by the Star Sports, but during this time all the commentators from their home were seen commenting.

New Updates From BCCI

Let me tell you that there are many big updates that come out about IPL 2020. There was no need to comment on the cricket ground all the commentators can commenting from their home.

All we are know that the starting date of IPL 2020 has already been announced by the BCCI. It has also announced that this time of IPL 2020 season which is going to be in UAE.

During this time, the total season will be played for 40 days and the biggest thing is that 60 matches are going to be seen in IPL 2020.

Also, a big report came out that most of the matches that will be played in the three big stadiums of the United Arab Emirates, including the stadium of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi Stadium.

It was revealed that just a few days, all the team is going to have a practice camp for IPL 2020.

Announcement Of Star Sports

The biggest decision has been taken by Star Sports. The streaming partner Star Sports is going to do IPL 2020 live streaming under which we will be able to watch IPL 2020 season on TV and mobile.

A big announcement has been made from their side that this time also there will be all the matches which are going to be seen in the knowledge of all the players.

But during this time, all the commentators who have been selected will not have to go to the ground and comment, they are going to be seen commenting from home.

The other biggest updates came from the BCCI, that all the players who are going to be seen playing matches on the ground But no fan will go to the stadium and watch the matches.


So according to final updates from BCCI, there will be a total of 60 matches in 44 days and no matches will be cut during this session, but this time we are going to see some major changes in IPL 2020.

IPL matches are mostly due to their fans, where all the fans go to the stadium and support their team, but showing this color is not going to see in this session.

What do you have to say on this, you must tell us in the comment that all the IPL makes should have been in the empty stadium or some of the matches which have been with the audience.


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