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IPL 2020 Updates – New Date – Schedule

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IPL 2020 Updates – New Date – Schedule


Hello friends, Welcome back to LiveIPLMatch.Com. There is another very big news related to IPL 2020, Here you find IPL 2020 Updates – New Date – Schedule.

As you know that the date of IPL 2020 has been set, And the IPL 2020 is finally going to be in UAE. But there is no update was given on the IPL 2020 schedule.

It is believed that all the matches will be playing the entire session of IPL 2020, and the biggest thing is that during this session there will be no match will be drop.

Date Announced By BCCI

Let us tell you that after the BCCI has announced the venue of IPL 2020, all the teams which are going to UAE where all the teams are going to separately in the different plane.

BCCI has also announced that during this time, all the teams which are going to UAE, can carry only 35 to 40 men, which means all the team staff, including team players, only take 40 members.

It also had bad news for IPL lovers that all the matches will be playing but no crowed to allow the stadium, it can be seen in the by Television.

It means most of the matches are going to be in the empty stadium but it also good news that in some of the matches crowed to allow in the stadium.

New Date For IPL 2020

24th September – 8th November

If all the matches will be held in UAE then, some of the teams get benefited and the biggest good news for those three teams is coming out before the start of IPL 2020.

Good New For Three Teams

Let’s tell you that, Where, for the first good news coming out for the Royal Challenger Bangalore team, where if you tell me to talk about IPL history for the team RCB, earlier in the IPL too, the team could not be champion in any one of the session.

Royal Challenger Bangalore

But this time I told you that, RCB has many dangerous players, one of the best players coming out is Aroon Finch.

And also worlds number one batsman who is famous for Run Machine that the Caption Of RCB Virat Kohli has also in good form.

And the biggest good news is coming out first, where you can tell that the number one batsman of the RCB team is with Virat Kohli. is AB de Villiers is in the form before 2020.

AB de Villiers returned to cricket after two years, was seen playing a brilliant inning. due to his performance, his team has become the champion this time and it is believed that the RCB is going to give the best performance in IPL 2020 also.

Who Is The Next Two Team ?

Now the time for the next two teams, then we are also going to tell you which two teams are coming out for the day.

Then talk about the other two teams, then the 2nd team is Chennai Super Kings, where all you are known about the performance of the CSK.

Chennai Super Kings

The performance of CSK in the last session was fabulous and if we talk about UAE ground is also suitable for CSK.

So Chennai Super Kings is going to be the biggest beneficiaries in 2020 and here, the Chennai Super King team can also be made.

So let me tell you that about the third team, that is Mumbai Indians, Yes friends you read the right team that is MI.

Mumbai Indians

Where you can tell that Mumbai Indians is a team that has the best fast bowler and all you know it also has the highest champions trophy.

Mumbai Indians is the team that is going to be the biggest beneficiaries in the 2020 IPL session and here they are going to be at the top of the race to become the team of Mumbai Indians along with Chennai Super Kings.

IPL 2020 Updates – New Date – Schedule will be published very soon after the meeting of BCCI, keep visiting our site for more updates. If you have any questions or suggestions comment below. Thanks…

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