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IPL 2020 New Sponsor, Vivo Out From IPL 2020


This time of IPL 2020 is going to be very exciting, where we can tell you that all the fans are waiting impatiently for the first match and here we see IPL 2020 New Sponsor.

IPL 2020 is going to be the most romantic because If we compared it to the last year, then all the IPL matches are going to be played here for a long time.

Practice Starts For IPL 2020 :

For this season, all the teams have started preparations where many teams must have seen that CSK, KKR, and also RCB team have started the practice.

Friends we are going to tell you that IPL 2020 ‘S season will be played in the United Arab Emirates, this time it is going to start from 19 September 2020 to 10 November 2020.

And during this time, all the matches are going to be seen, and let us tell you that many new rules have been made by the BCCI under which the IPL 2020 season will be played.

It is going to be more exciting as if you know that the season of IPL 2020 is just about to start, where the first match will also start in a short time but before that the biggest trouble for BCCI comes out.

It has been about the sponsors of IPL 2020. As you know in IPL 2019, the Vivo Company was seen sponsoring the IPL.

Why Vivo Out From IPL 2020 ?

Vivo Company was being given 440 crore rupees to IPL, but during this time, let us tell you that after the India and China dispute, due to which Vivo company not going to sponsored IPL 2020.

In view of this, so far BCCI has not announced the IPL 2020 schedule due to the sponsor of IPL 2020, where BCCI believes that the IPL 2020 schedule will come only when BCCI gets a good sponsor for IPL 2020.

Friends tell you that in this session Vivo is not going to Sponsored IPL 2020, due to which, a new sponsor is going to see us in IPL 2020. In view of this, there are some big companies names are coming out.

New Sponsored :

We are going to tell you the names of two big companies, which are going to be seen sponsoring us in IPL 2020.

Friends, let me tell you that if you talk about Jio, then Jio is investing in a lot of things in India. To sponsored IPL a huge amount of money is required which can be fulfilled by JIO.

If we are talking about the second-largest company, the Tata Company may be going to be sponsoring the IPL 2020. But there is no official news from BCCI regarding IPL 2020 Sponsorship, let’s wait and see what happened to the next.

so do tell in the comments to friends, according to you, which company will come 2020 on this phone?

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