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IPL 2020 New Rule About All The Team

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IPL 2020 New Rule About All The Team


As you all know that the IPL 2020 has been approved by the BCCI, the tournament will be held in Dubai for which the Indian government has given them permission. We see IPL 2020 New Rule About All The Team

The first match of this session will be played on September 19, in which the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings team are going to play each other.

First Team To Go To UAE

So, let me tell everyone that all the teams that have started preparing for it, that Chennai Super Kings is a team that is going to play in IPL 2020.

CSK will be the first team to go to the UAE. According to the report, they are going to practice in the UAE In the first week of August.

All matches can be played in the stadium as well, this time we are going to see all the matches in this season and having all the matches for 53 days to be seen

New Rule For IPL 2020

But during this time, let us tell you that IPL 2020 New Rule About All The Team has been made especially by Brijesh Patel, Chairman of the IPL Governing Council.

So here, let us tell you that first of all, all the teams were kept in the Five Star Hotel, but this time the big announcement has been made by the IPL that this time, all the teams will be kept only in the 3 Star Hotel.

Along with this, there will also be medical staff, during this time no player will be allowed to meet with his family, then if we talk about the match timing, it is about a 2-noon match that will begin at 3.30 o’clock.

But, in case of night, it was supposed to start at 8:00 pm but here, let us tell you that major changes have been made in the IPL 2020, day time match which started from 3:30 pm. like this at night the match will be started half an hour before instead of 8 pm.

Then the second biggest change has been made by the governing body of IPL that after the end of each match there are no press conferences and interviews of players.

Due to Covid-19. all these things have been canceled 10 days ago, where no one can enter into the stadium without the players,

Which team do you think will be the strongest in the season?

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