How to setup Xampp Tomcat In Netbean

How to setup Xampp Tomcat In Netbean

How to setup Xampp Tomcat In Netbean

Hello users we are going to suggest a free tutorial for How to setup Xampp Tomcat In Netbean, Let’s start the tutorial.

We have seen many students complaining that their tomcat server not connected to NetBeans while they are used Xampp they didn’t need to install another software.

In xampp we can setup NetBeans for tomcat

Lets start

Step 1 – Open Xampp control panel

Step 2 – Select tomcat> config>open tomcat-users.xml

path – C:\xampp\tomcat|conf\tomcat-users.xml

Paste the below code to your tomcat-users.xml file

Step 3 – Save the file and close xampp.

Step 4 – Open neatbean

Step 5 – Select tools>Servers>Add Server

Step 6 – Choose server : Apache Tomcat or tomEE

You can choose custom name eg. Apache Tomcat Xampp

Step 7- Choose Server Location – C:\xampp\tomcat

username: user

password : user

Now click on finish

Step 8 -Now you will see all the details you have created and close the tab.

Step 9 – Close netbean and again open as administrator.

Step 10- Choose >services>server>Apache tomcat xampp

And Right click on Apache tomcat xampp and start the server .

Step 12 – You will see the server will be started.

Step 13 – Now Choose a new project

categories : Java Web

project : Java Web Application

Click on next

Step 14 – Give a project name as your wish

If you want to change the project location then you can change otherwise it will be saved as the default location.

Click on next

Step 15 – Server and Settings

Automatic server details will be shaved, no need to change anything

Server : Apache Tomcat Xampp

Java EE Version : Java EE 6 Web

Click on next

Step 16 – If you want to add any framework you can just check the framework name otherwise click on finish.

Step 17 – Now just right click on the program and Run File , Browser will be automatically open you will see the output of the HTML page.



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