How To Install WordPress?

How To Install WordPress?

How To Install WordPress?

On this tutorial we are going to install WordPress in our live server. You will learn How To Install WordPress in cPanel.

To install WordPress we need a hosting and a domain name.

At first, you need to connect your domain name with your hosting account. Let’s assume that your hosting account is in Bluehost and your domain name is at Godaddy.

After purchasing hosting from BlueHost, we will provide his hosting nameserver, you need to set up your hosting account with this nameserver.

Just log in to your domain account at Godaddy and go to the product section to choose which domain name you want to connect, just click on the Change DNS and scroll down to the nameserver section.

Click on change nameserver and paste the two nameservers provided by the Bluehost.

After pasting the two nameservers just save them, Normally nameserver are updated takes 24 hours but in some cases, it takes 5-10 minutes.

Wait for some time, after it reflects your domain to hosting then log in to your hosting account at Bluehost and go Cpanel.

You can also directly access your Cpanel by typing

and provide your username and password and login to Cpanel.

Install WordPress with the help of Cpanel is much easier than manual installation, Manually install station process takes more time and confused the user about what to do next.

But in the case of Cpanel, there is some basic software installation section which is known as the soft clause section.

It provides the best user interface to install WordPress easily with a few clicks. You can use API post for more info.

Process How To Install WordPress in cPanel.

Step – 1: Scroll down below and select WordPress from the software section and click on install this application right side of the software homepage.

Step – 2: After the software installation page appears then fill in all the details given below.

  1. Domain Name enter the domain name on which you want to install WordPress.
  2. Directory – It is an option and it used to custom install in a specific folder.
  3. Version – Always choose the latest version to install
  4. Accept – Accept the license
How To Install WordPress 1
  1. Automatic Update – Update to any new version.
  2. WordPress Plugin Automatic Update – Do not automatically update WordPress Plugin.
  3. WordPress Theme Automatic Update – Do not automatically update WordPress themes.
  4. Automatic Update Backup – Create a backup and automatically restore the backup if the update fails.
  5. Administrator Username – Set a username for your site.
  6. Administrator Password – Set a strong password for your site.
How To Install WordPress 2
  1. Administrator Email – give your email address which is required to reset the password.
  2. Website Title – enter the website title which you want to give.
  3. Website Tagline – the tagline is nothing a short description of your site.
  4. Two-Factor Authentication – Do not enable two-factor authentication.
  5. Limit Login Attempts -Yes, limit failed login attempts for increased security. (Recommended).
  6. Enable Multi-site – No, do not enable. Multi-site can be enabled later within WordPress. (Recommended)
How To Install WordPress 3

Now choose install ….

That’s it…..


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