Hill Climbing Algorithm

Let us know about the Hill Climbing Algorithm In a basic way

1st of all it is a search tecnquie that is it a type ot local search technique

So it does not generate state space tree.

it does not back track

Thus the search is useful to solve optimization state that either maximizes or minimizes an objective value as applied on a maximizations problem called hill climbing and for minimization problem it is called as Hi

Thare are 3 ways of Hill climbing Searech

  1. Simple / First choice Hill Climbing
  2. Steepest Ascent hill Climibibgf
  3. Stochastic Hill climbing


Algorithim :

This algorithm finds first successor i.e. better than current state and make these successor and continue move,

Step 1- current = s (Where s is a state )

Step 2 – val = f(current )

Step3 – if current is goal then return

Step 4 – Generate successor of current

For each Successor of current

Sval = f(n)

if Sval < val

if Sval > val

Gradient Descent Or Hill Climbing

If Sval better than val

Current = n

val = Sval

goto step 3

Step – 5 : return (failure)


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