Finite Automaton DFA & NFA

Hello Friends, we are going to discuss very good topic names as FINITE AUTOMATON (FA) is the simplest machine to recognize patterns.

Finite Automaton consists the Set of

Q: Finite Rate of all states.

E: set of all input symbol

q0: Initial state

F: set of final state

S: Transition function.

Denoted as {Q,E,q0,F,S}


A finite automaton can be classified into 2 types

1. Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA).

2. Non-Deterministic finite AutOMaton(NFA).


Det A Deterministic finite Automaton (DFA) is one in which each move is the transition of from one state to another state – It has a Finite number of States the Machine is called DFA.

* DFA can be represented by a 5-tuple (Q,E,q0,F,S). when at Finite set of states E Finite set of symbols lo7 initial state 67 Transition function F Finas states

Q = {a,b,c} E = $13 % = {a} F = {c} 8

TRansition function is given by current state Input Input c a 1 EX construct a DFA that accepts sets of all string start with Sol’ input symbol = 80113 324 all string start with ost means L-0,00.001010–3 state

Go= Standing (k Dead state gt stand with 1 which is not our string Note. In the case of DFA Every state having all the input symbols. means if there are two state 2884 and two input symbols.

Non-Deterministic Finite automaton also defined by step leg Q- state of all finite states Input symbol. % Initial state & – Transition function Final state DFAQ NFA main difference is transition Function.

NFA In this case the exact state to which the machine moves can’t be determined.

Hene the transition function 8:Q X2–23 gamble: cet Q = {abic} Vo = {a} The transition Function is Gunnent State input of 6.c b the 201 Final slate

difference between DFA & NEA: DFA NEA & O DPA Stands for Determinante – Non- Deterministic one finite Automata O97 Cannot use empty String transition MRA DFA construction is handed Finite automata

That can use empty storm transition D NFA eisen to constrain Backtracking is allowed Backtracking is not in DPA to equines money space allowed act require less space.

That is not possible to us all the input at every State 2 ADPA is all the state having all possible

Every NFA IS a DEA but not There is a covalent DFA And NFA vice versa

Conversion of NFA to DFA

Step to convert NFA to DFA

Step 1 – Draw NFA from the given language

Step 2 – Draw it transition table

Step 3 – Draw the transition fare NFA transition table go DFA

Step 4 – According to DFA transition table de the DFA of convent NFA to pra of L=(set of all strings over)


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