Brief Idea About Psychovisual Redundancy

The human eye doesn’t respond with equal sensitivity to all visual information. it refers to the Brief Idea About Psychovisual Redundancy.

It is more sensitive to the lower frequency than the higher frequency in the visual spectrum.

Elimination of Psychovisual Redundancy resolves the loss of quantities of information during image formations. T h refers to Quantitation.

The Psychovisual redundancy resolves lossy data compression .

Types of compression Algorithm

Compression algorithm are normally devided into two basic type

  1. Lossless Compression
  2. Lossy Compression

What is Lossless Compression ?

The Origianl Image can be excatly recover from the compressed image

The Compression ratio is usually less Cr = n1/n2 <1

It is arequired in the domains where reliability is very crusial

viz. Executable Files

Medical image

Satelite Image

Bussiness Image

Some of the popular lossless algorithm are given below

  1. Run – Lngth Coding
  2. Huffman Coding
  3. Shaman Fano Coding
  4. Airthmatic Coding
  5. Dictionary Based Coding
  6. LZW Coding

What is Lossy Compression ?

The recovery of the oroginal image may ot be possible in lossy compression

Here the compression is very high i.e. Cr = n1/n2 > 1

It is useful in the domain when loss of data is acceptable

There are Some of the popular lossless algorithm are as follows

  1. Lossy Predictive Coding
  2. Vector Quantization
  3. Block Transform Coding


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