Best Programming Language Python?

Python is a well-known reason for excessive-level programming language. Why Best Programming Language Python?

Python become developed by means of Guido Van Rossum in 1989 while running at the national research institutions in the Netherlands.

But officially Python becomes made available to the public in 1991. The official Date of start for Python is Feb 20th, 1991.

Python is recommended as the first programming language for novices.

The call Python was decided on from the tv show “The complete Monty Python’s”.

The circus which is changed in 1966 Guido devolved Python language by means of taking almost all programming capabilities from a specific language.

  1. Functional Programming Features from C
  2. Object Oriented Programming Features from C++
  3. Scripting Language Features from Perl and Shell Script
  4. Modular Programming Features from Modula-3
  5. Most of syntax in Python Derived from C and ABC languages.

Where we can use Python:
We can use everywhere. The most common important application areas are

  1. For developing Desktop Applications
  2. For developing web Applications
  3. For developing database Applications
  4. For Network Programming
  5. For developing games
  6. For Data Analysis Applications
  7. For Machine Learning
  8. For developing Artificial Intelligence Applications
  9. For IOT

Internally Google and Youtube use Python coding, using python Network Stock Exchange And NASA was developed.

Best Software companies just like Microsoft, IBM, also like Google, Yahoo

Python Features :

  1. Simple and easy to learn:
    Python is a simple programming language. When we read the Python program, we can feel like reading English statements.
  2. The syntaxes are very simple and only 30+ keywords are available.
  3. When compared with other languages, we can write programs with very few number lines. Hence more readability and simplicity.
  4. We can reduce the development and cost of the project.
  5. Freeware and Open Source:
  6. We can use Python software without any license and it is freeware.
  7. Its source code is open so that we can customize based on our requirement.
  8. Eg: Jython is a customized version of Python to work with Java Applications
  1. High Level Programming language:
    Python is high level programming language and hence it is programmer friendly language.
    Being a programmer we are not required to concentrate low level activities like memory
    management and security etc..
  1. Platform Independent:
    Once we write a Python program,it can run on any platform without rewriting once again.
    Internally PVM is responsible to convert into machine understandable form.
  1. Portability:
    Python programs are portable. ie we can migrate from one platform to another platform
    very easily. Python programs will provide same results on any paltform.
  1. Dynamically Typed:
    In Python we are not required to declare type for variables. Whenever we are assigning
    the value, based on value, type will be allocated automatically.Hence Python is considered
    as dynamically typed language.
    But Java, C etc are Statically Typed Languages b’z we have to provide type at the beginning
    This dynamic typing nature will provide more flexibility to the programmer
  1. Both Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented:
    Python language supports both Procedure oriented (like C, pascal etc) and object oriented
    (like C++,Java) features. Hence we can get benefits of both like security and reusability etc
  1. Interpreted:
    We are not required to compile Python programs explcitly. Internally Python interpreter
    will take care that compilation.
    If compilation fails interpreter raised syntax errors. Once compilation success then PVM
    (Python Virtual Machine) is responsible to execute.
  1. Extensible:
    We can use other language programs in Python.
    The main advantages of this approach are:
  2. We can use already existing legacy non-Python code
  3. We can improve performance of the application


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